Craig Wallace – Companies

"Malcolm's medical affairs expertise and knowledge of UK regulations were invaluable during our critical start-up phase.  We wouldn't hesitate in working with PharmaMedic again."

Craig Wallace

Dr Kriszta Zolnay – Companies

"PharmaMedic offer a very comprehensive service with work that is of excellent quality at all times. Malcolm’s knowledge and experience cascades throughout the company."

Dr Kriszta Zolnay

Dr Kathrine Scott – Companies

"Malcolm and his team bring years of world-class experience covering the full range of expertise that one could possibly need within the pharmaceutical sector."

Dr Kathrine Scott

Consultant Testimonial 1

"PharmaMedic are collaborative, professional and a pleasure to work with."

Consultant Testimonial 2

"As a contractor/consultant working with PharmaMedic, it is very reassuring to have the support, guidance and back-up of other contractors when it’s needed."

Consultant Testimonial 3

"PharmaMedic negotiate flexible ways of working allowing me to support a variety of other clients simultaneously, as well as improving my work life balance."

Consultant Testimonial 4

"Working with PharmaMedic has strengthened my skill sets and allowed me to develop my technical knowledge in a number of different areas."

Consultant Testimonial 5

"I have had the pleasure of working with PMC on a number of interesting projects. My experience has always been positive. The work is flexible and the PMC team are very supportive, professional and personable. I highly recommend working with PMC."

Olivia Marsh – Companies

“The partnership we have with PMC® and our consultant works exceptionally well. Our PMC® consultant is highly experienced, and it’s invaluable to be able to draw on their wealth of knowledge and expertise. While there isn’t currently a sufficient volume of work to justify a full-time employee at the PMC® consultant’s level, we benefit from having someone of their exceptional calibre available to us.”

Olivia Marsh