Your door to independent working 

PharmaMedic’s strength are the Consultants who we work with. We would very much like you to join us. Maintain your independence and be part of a dynamic, professional and supportive team – the best of both worlds!

Please contact us if you are currently an experienced medical or regulatory Consultant – or are thinking of becoming a Consultant. We can assist and support you.

Those with relevant scientific, pharmacy or medical experience are very welcome to join us

The best of both worlds!


Why join us?

The industry is changing and permanent employment is increasingly rare. By combining our strengths as experienced Consultants in pharmaceutical development and biotechnology we can bring an unprecedented skill set to our clients. We can provide a world class Medical Affairs team to SME’s; large Pharmaceutical clients; generic companies and academic startups reducing costs, allowing flexibility and bringing products to patients faster and more efficiently.

Changes in the UK’s IR35 rules have made it increasingly difficult to work as independent consultants supplying the skills and experience our clients need. As an independent consultant working with us under a PharmaMedic contract, the stipulations of IR35 are covered allowing us to work cohesively and collectively with clients whilst maintaining our independence.

As Consultants ourselves with many years of experience working with clients and delivering a fantastic and tailored service, we understand the complexity of working as a Consultant in an increasingly complex and regulated environment

As an independent General Affiliate Member of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (The ABPI) our responsibilities to patients is central to all we do.

Who are we looking to work with? 

You are an experienced individual with your own consultancy or are thinking of becoming a Consultant, you are used to working independently and you bring your own vision and skill set to a project.

As a consulting partner working with PharmaMedic you will maintain your independence and provide a flexible, innovative resource to client companies. We offer a service at an overall reduced cost and at what we believe to be a higher quality than companies with an “in house” Medical Department can provide.

PharmaMedic offers you flexibility whilst maintaining your independence and being part of a professional, high level and supportive team.

PharmaMedic supports you:

  • Helping you in your Company set-up
  • Competitive rates
  • Supportive professional team
  • Interesting projects
  • Automated process for time sheet management and invoice generation
  • Prompt payments, with minimal delays!



Please contact us if you are currently an experienced medical or regulatory Consultant - or are thinking of becoming a Consultant.