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PharmaMedic provides medical consultancy services to pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies, primarily in the UK but also in Europe and the US. Our services involve medically qualified doctors and pharmacists primarily, who work with large and small pharma companies in the development and marketing of medicines and medical devices.

PharmaMedic brings together world experts in the Product Development, Regulatory Strategy, Product Launch, Training and Medical Writing.

A tailored approach to Medical Affairs reducing your costs and increasing productivity with expertise a given.

Our Vision

Bring speed, innovation and cost reduction to Medical Affairs.

As of 2019, the cost of developing a new medicine is approximately $2.6 billion. This cost is unsustainable.

Development costs are increasing and the ability of Government’s to pay for advanced therapies are reducing year on year.

​Rapid advances in genomics and the medical sciences, opens the possibility of step changes in treatment based on individualised medicines. The benefits though will only be gained if research and the ability to choose between drug candidates ​becomes faster, cheaper and far more efficient.

​Fast Regulatory review and licensing is crucial, combined with a rapid and targeted drug launch. ​The classical business model of pharmaceutical development has to change.
PharmaMedic gives you the future – An Adaptable Medical Affairs Solution based on a network of Individuals.

​Our Consultancy brings together World experts in Product Development, Regulatory Strategy, Product Launch, Training and Medical Writing. The capabilities of a large pharma Medical Department are now available to SME’s / Biotech Phase II / III and Academic centres.

​By combining the “Best of the Best”, we are the best at what we do.
Costs are reduced, expertise is a given, and a tailored development approach is yours every step of the way.

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